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Date of last connection: 2022-09-19

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Current situation:

Current industry: Energy

Size of the company: More than 1,000 employees

Current position: Commissioning engineer

Number of years spent at this position: 6-10 years

Number of persons you managed: 11-20 persons

Annual salary: 0.00 EUR

Total working experience: 6-10 years

Availability: Immediate availability

Job sought:

Positions: Engineer in Engineering / Design, ,

Industry: Oil & Gas / Energy / Others, ,

Desired type of contract: open-ended contract, fixed term contract, Agent's contract

Desired working time: Full-time, Available on Week-ends

Minimum annual salary desired: 0.00 / 0.00 EUR


Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +5

Last diploma :

Current educational level : +5

Other training courses :

Divers :

Geographical mobility: unreported

Known Tools / Software/ Methods

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences

Languages French : Native
English : Working language
Chinese : Basic
Russian : Intermediate
Arabic : Basic


Mr. Th... L...


29000 Quimper

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES IN DESIGNfrom june, 15th 2020 to july, 28th 2022Engineer in design department - Process, for Agap2, service provider for Engie, Brussels, Belgium.
Work on different projects including:
Project: Urbeo general waste incinerating unit - power plant in Herstal, Belgium(creation of urban heating system).- Submission of offers / preliminary drafts in waste to energy industry.- Calculation of input data / process.- Equipment specification and selection.- Creation of process model of the project by software Thermoflex (steam/water cycle, H&M balance) - Writing of documents: o process data specification sheets for equipments (heat exchangers, moto-pumps, valves including steam conditioning ones, water treatment station, backup boiler, PSV, compressed air station, transmitters). o functional description, o detailed functional analysis, o process HAZOP risk analysis, o operation guide, o technical notes on process calculations, waste estimations, automation study.
Project: Sila general waste incinerating unit - power plant in Annecy, France(revamping of incinerating unit).- Calculation of input data / process.- Writing of documents o technical notes on process calculations, o steam blows calculations, and procedure.- Follow-up of implementation on site, participation in the commissioning as process expert in: o steam blows, o incinerator settings complete tuning, including with solid waste operation, o performance tests, and reliability run.
PREVIOUS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES IN COMMISSIONINGfrom may, 7th 2019 to feb., 7th 2020Commissioning engineer – Process, for Anotech Energy, service provider for Saipem, Paris, France.on site in Pointe-Noire, Congo/Brazzaville, CEC power plant extension project(extension of simple cycle plant from 300MW to 450MW with installation of a new Ansaldo AE94.2 gas turbine).
- Writing of commissioning procedures according to standard from oil & gas industry (OTP gas turbine, OTP of water systems, database of mechanical equipments, writing/updates of the QCP).Review of engineering documents.- Make-up of commissioning tools and consumables lists (all disciplines) - Assistance to procurement department.- Execution of commissioning activities of water treatment systems (demi water production, well water filtration, hypochlorite dosing).- Participation of commissioning activities of gas turbine systems.
from nov., 28th 2017 to nov., 16th 2018Commissioning engineer – DCS, including gas & steam turbines, for IEPC, service provider for GE Power, Belfort, France.on site in Bouchain, France, EDF new generation power plant project(combined cycle plant of 600MW with a 9HA gas turbine - world record efficiency of 62.2%).
- As the power plant is already running, the work is focused on preventing any stop or load limitation of the plant due to defaults.- During forced outages, resolution in limited time of issues on the power plant [GE scope] concerning the control systems and instrumentation (gas turbine, steam turbine, generator, boiler and balance of plant ie. auxiliaries).- Progressive completion of all snags (solving of issues on HRSG and BOP valves, gas valves on the gas turbine, OPC communication, Fieldbus, Historian, Bently Nevada System 1 Evo, HMI, GE MarkVIe modifications, etc.).- Requalification and testing of equipment during outages (1 month from mid-April to mid-May 2018 and 1 month from end of September to end of October 2018).- Preparation and validation with EDF of start-ups/shutdowns/unavailability reports, global reliability report of the plant.
from feb., 17th 2016 to may, 5th 2017 Commissioning engineer – DCS, for Samuel Knight, service provider for GE Power, Belfort, France.on site in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Uzbekenergo power plant extension project(combined cycle plant of 380MW).
- Review of status of engineering and documents, work with customer on the missing parts of engineering.- First power up of the DCS system (GE MarkVIe) and realization of the cold commissioning (loop checks of every instrument hardwired as well as signals received by Modbus from the PLCs).- Test of the control system of the power plant (check of sequences and proposal of modifications if any issue and implementation).- Training of Uzbekenergo operators.
from july, 21st 2015 to nov., 30th 2015 Commissioning engineer – BOP (ash handling and water steam cycle), for ECL, service provider for Alstom Power, Belfort, France.on site in Narva, Estonia, Eesti Energia power plant extension project(shale-fired power plant of 300MW).
- Commissioning of the ash handling system (electrostatic precipitator, ash conveying), as burning local shale oil produces as much as 46% of ash.- Involvement in the commissioning of water steam cycle (main steam lines, heater tanks, boiler feed water, vacuum and condenser, water systems, etc.).
from sept.,29th 2014 to march, 31st 2015Commissioning supervisor – water steam cycle, for Alter H, service provider for Alstom Power, Belfort, France.on site in Sitiawan, Malaysia, TNB Janamanjung power plant extension project(1 supercritical coal-fired power plant of 1080MW).
- Involvement in the commissioning of water steam cycle systems (deaerator and boiler feed water with associated pumps and auxiliaries, condenser and vacuum making-up, reheating, cooling water, main and auxiliary steam…).- Supervision of electrical and mechanical activities requiring technical manpower.- Management of documentation on the boiler feed water system.
from june, 24th 2013 to june, 7th 2014Commissioning Manager – gas turbine, for Atlantic Engineering, service provider for Cegelec belonging to Vinci group, Paris, France.on site in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, CIPREL power plant extension project(1 additional GE 9E trial-fuel turbine – power output of 100MW).
- Coordination of commissioning and testing of the different electromechanical systems (gas turbine and associated equipments, power transformer, generator breakers, MV-LV and distribution boards, diesel generator, fire detection and protection systems, HVAC system, SCADA command control system).- Management of commissioning staff, including factory specialists and contractors (definition and setting up of the staff manpower required and their qualifications, planning of the required missions on site performed by different specialists).- Organization of the commissioning meetings, coordination with erection team to set the priorities and correct the non-conformities to respect the short lead time on the project.- Writing of the commissioning documentation: planning, procedures, test sheets, reporting.- Implementation of the EHS and quality plans (in charge of the equipment locking-tagging (LOTO) and work permits to ensure commissioning works to be carried out safely, management of quality documents - writing and updates - to meet the required expectations).- Managing the punch list and progressive completion of the snags.
from april, 10th 2012 to april, 17th 2013Commissioning Supervisor – steam & gas turbines, for TES, service provider for EDF-CIT, Paris, France.on site in West-Burton, United-Kingdom, EDF Energy power plant(3 lines of GE “9FB” gas turbines & GE D12 steam turbines – total power output of 1450MW).
- In charge of ‘‘9FB’’ gas turbines commissioning, supervision of electrical and mechanical activities and contractors (Alstom, GE…).- Involvement in the commissioning of the steam turbines.- Respect of UK safety rules in every step of the project.
from april, 18th 2011 to february, 3rd 2012Commissioning Engineer - BOP, for TES, service provider for Alstom Power, Belfort, France.on site in Relizane, Algeria, Sonelgaz power plant(3 “GT13” gas turbines – total power output of 465MW).
- In charge of BOP (balance of plant) commissioning: the water treatment plant and the fuel oil system in particular.- Training of Sonelgaz operators and writing of several procedures.- Supervision of punch list concerning the whole power plant and resolution of punch items.- Management of commissioning documents, including validation of every commissioning step by signature of the customer.- Participation of the fuel oil commissioning - GT scope, acting as an intermediary between the GT commissioning team and the customer.
from may, 17th 2010 to march, 4th 2011Commissioning Engineer - steam turbines, for Thermodyn belonging to GE Oil & Gas, Le Creusot, France.on site in Biganos, France, DALKIA biomass power plant(62MW in total: 1 condensation turbine of 41MW and 1 backpressure turbine of 21MW).
- Commissioning of the different systems of the backpressure turbine (lube oil, hydraulic oil & regulation system, centrifuge, jacking, turning gear, steam). Loop tests for each instrument, and supervision of the different contractors.- Participation in the commissioning of these systems on the condensation turbine.- During the commissioning, resolution of various problems (mechanical, electrical as well as electronic), on both turbines (bearings opening, elevation of the half superior turbine part, many bugs on sequences) as lead time on this project was very short.- In charge of the backpressure turbine commissioning, start-up and realization of all turbine tests (loaded and unloaded), generator tests supervision. The tests have been done with permanent dialog with every company involved; communication was all the more imperative on this site as ‘electrical’ and ‘steam’ networks are complex: the biomass power plant is linked with the paper mill.- In charge of both turbines and supervision of performance tests, after the condensation turbine supervisor left.- Additional tests due to condensation turbine problems following the performance tests, realized in agreement with the customer.- Training of Dalkia operators and writing of several procedures, the start-up procedure for both turbines included.

from jan, 14th 2009 to may, 15th 2010Commissioning Engineer - gas turbines, for AE2I, service provider for GE Energy, Belfort, France.from march 2009 to may 2010, on site in Mohammedia, Morocco, new ONE power plant project(3 “9E” turbines on heavy fuel - total output of 300MW).
- Participation on the 2 first turbines works then commissioning from A to Z of the third one (from pre-commissioning to the signature of provisory acceptance certificate): o First powering of turbine control system (MarkVIe) and other components, o Loop tests for each instrument, verification by injection of some signals, o Motors verification and start-up (insulation, free rotation, phase equilibrium), o Commissioning of the different systems (lube oil, jacking, hydraulic oil and regulation, cooling water, injected water, fire detection and CO2 release system, air inlet, ventilation, fuel oil, heavy fuel oil, atomized air, turning gear, cranking motor), o With the commissioning manager, verification, modification and adjustment of heavy fuel sequences, o Start-up and realization of all turbine tests (loaded and unloaded), generator tests supervision.- Solving of problems occurring: Mohammedia is an innovative site for GE Energy: it is indeed the first order since a long time of turbine operated with heavy fuel, the problems which occurred were therefore mainly related to heavy fuel oil line.- Training of ONE operators, writing of several procedures.- During end of works, commissioning manager assistance for the whole power plant (BOP, water treatment, heavy fuel oil treatment, boiler) in addition to the turbines.- Managing the punch list on the 3 turbines and progressive completion of all snags.

Cover letter

Mr. Th... L...


29000 Quimper

Position in engineering / design

I am looking for a position in engineer / design.

Mr. Th... L

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